Motor City Popcorn can provide various gourmet popcorn flavors for your fundraising events. Sell our products for $12.00 each to customers and get 50% of the total amount for your organization.

No start up funds needed - simply sign up for a rewards campaign and you'll receive access to a link to share with your supporters. Your supporters will click on the link, which will then direct them to an online store where they can make purchases.

Each purchase will track back to your rewards campaign so that you can see the total sales. You do not need to collect any funds!!!

To begin a fundraising campaign:

1. First go to the log-in bar on the upper left side and create a profile.

2. Return to this page (Fundraising) and click the link below to start your two week campaign.

3. In the drop down menu of the log-in bar, you will see "Store".

This will be your personalized store where your customers can purchase under your fundraising membership name.

The link that you can direct your customers to will be

For example: you will enter jsmith where it says "your email". If you choose to sign up using Facebook, you will enter your Facebook email.

October 2022 Fundraiser Revise Front copy.jpg
  • Fundraising Rewards

    Valid for 2 weeks
    • 2 week rewards program
    • Earn 50% of total revenue at the end of 2 weeks!
    • Sign-up as many times as you'd like!