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Buy It In Bulk!

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Looking to satisfy a crowd? You're in luck! We offer bulk ordering options for our delicious popcorn, perfect for events, gatherings, or simply stocking up for your cravings. Whether you need a mountain of munchies or just a hefty supply for your personal stash, we've got you covered!

Yellow popcorn shape

Bulk Ordering 

Exciting news – we're thrilled to announce that our products are now available in Large and Extra Large bulk bags! 🎉

Just imagine all the delicious servings you can create! We offer large and extra-large bulk products that can serve from 40-70 people in each bag.

Planning a big order? No problem! Just keep in mind that all bulk orders need to be placed in advance, with a minimum of 3 days lead time.

Motor City Popcorn product available in bulk bags
Snack sized bags of Motor City Popcorn flavors sold in bulk

Snack-Sized Bags for Every Occasion

Motor City Popcorn is available to provide snack-sized packages for wedding receptions, bridal parties, birthday parties, baby showers, corporate events and more.


Our snack sized bags come in clear bags with a twist tie, holding an average of 1.5 cups each. Perfect for individual servings. A decorative bow tie can be added to the snack bags.


We kindly ask that you place your order in advance, with a minimum requirement of 100 bags. Whether you prefer them labeled or unlabeled with our logo, we've got you covered! Our minimum order is 50 bags, with at least 15 bags per flavor. 

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